King Island Natural Resource Management



Water - Projects

2000 to 2003

Devolved Grant -included fencing, re-vegetation and direct seeding, and waterway protection, the development of several strategies and the publication of a number of books and reports. A community group worked intensely for over a year on the publication of ‘King Island Flora: a field guide’. A revolving fund was set up to protect valuable ecosystems on the island through buying properties, covenanting and re-selling, this is ongoing run by Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

Since 2001

Waterwatch: to assess the quality of King Island's waterways. [Project Details]
The project was for a time part of North-West Waterwatch and included monthly monitoring of nine sites to obtain baseline data of the quality of King Island's streams, additional monitoring by community members and educational activities for the community, including school students. More details...