King Island Natural Resource Management




Life on the Coast,
Coastal community engagement on King Island, Tasmanian Landcare Association 2010-2011

This project engaged the school and community in various field days including sea spurge removal from beaches, weed awareness and weed swap days (a weed for a local native plant), a ‘Dogs Breakfast’, and banding of Ruddy Turnstones with Victorian Waders Study Group.


Project Image Gallery
A project was run in 2009 to monitor, protect and raise awareness of shorebirds on King Island. The island is known as a haven for shorebirds, with a high percentage of the world population of a number of birds, see Shorebirds and small terns on KI, Woehler, 2009, page 7.

Signs to raise awareness and protect shorebirds
See where the birds named KU19 and KP21 flew.
A year in the life of S6.