King Island Natural Resource Management




The King Island Natural Resources Management Group (KINRMG) was formed in 1996, with representatives from Landcare Groups, the King Island Council, National Parks and Wildlife, King Island District High School and the general community.

The King Island Natural Resource Management Strategy 2010-2020 (referred to as the Strategy) guides the activities of KINRM.
The Strategy focuses on what can be achieved on King Island in NRM over the next 10-20 years, and how best to achieve these goals for King Island's asset areas of Land, Biodiversity, Coast and Water. The goals have been developed with input from the community, interested groups and the KINRMG.

The Strategy is divided into three sections: Introduction; Strategic Plan; and Implementation Plan. It has been developed to be used by anyone with an interest in King Island to help collaboratively guide King Island's natural resource management. King Island Natural Resource Management Strategy 2010-2020 Jen Milne, 2010

This Strategy is based on a review conducted in 1998-2001 by Facilitator, Helen Morgan. King Island Natural Resource Management Review and Strategic Action Plan 1998-2001 Helen Morgan, 2001

Current Executive:
Helen Strickland - Chairperson
Greg Morris - Vice Chair and Public Officer
Jennifer Thorn - Treasurer
Margaret Bennett - Secretary

Current Committee Members:
Jim Benn - Councillor representative
Shelley Davison - Parks and Wildlife representative
Graeme Batey - Field Naturalists representative
Greg Morris - TFGA representative Currently Unfilled- KIDHS representative
Jennifer Thorn - Beef Group representative
Michael Behrendt - Community representative
Margaret Batey - Community representative
Sharon Simpkin - Community representative
Helen Strickland - Community representative
Margaret Bennett - Community representative
Kate Ravich - Birds on King representative

Chair Report AGM 2015

Audited Financial Report to 30 June 2105