King Island Natural Resource Management




The King Island Natural Resources Management Group (KINRMG) was formed in 1996, with representatives from island Landcare Groups, the King Island Council, Parks and Wildlife, King Island District High School and the general community.

The King Island Natural Resource Management Strategy 2010-2020 (referred to as the Strategy) guides the activities of KINRM.
The Strategy focuses on what can be achieved on King Island in NRM over the next 10-20 years, and how best to achieve these goals for King Island's asset areas of Land, Biodiversity, Coast and Water. The goals have been developed with input from the community, interested groups and the KINRMG.

The Strategy is divided into three sections: Introduction; Strategic Plan; and Implementation Plan. It has been developed to be used by anyone with an interest in King Island to help collaboratively guide King Island's natural resource management. King Island Natural Resource Management Strategy 2010-2020 Jen Milne, 2010

This Strategy is based on a review conducted in 1998-2001 by Facilitator, Helen Morgan. King Island Natural Resource Management Review and Strategic Action Plan 1998-2001 Helen Morgan, 2001

Current Executive:
Helen Strickland - Chairperson
Greg Morris - Vice Chair and Public Officer
Ana Pimenta - Treasurer
Shelley Graham - Secretary

Current Committee Members:
Luke Agati - Councillor representative
Shelley Graham - Parks and Wildlife representative
Graeme Batey - Field Naturalists representative
Mark Scotland - Ballarart & Clarendon College representative
(Currently Unfilled)- KIDHS representative 
Jocelyn Bowden - Community representative
Margaret Batey - Community representative
Garry Sutton - Community representative
Helen Strickland - Community representative 
Margaret Bennett - Community representative
Kate Ravich - Birdlife Australia



Regional Landcare Facilitator

KINRM has had a productive 12 months with the final year of our five year, Australian Government sponsored, Regional Landcare Facilitator position being completed. Ana Pimenta completed a very successful 3 years in this role at the end of June.

Ana Pimenta represented KINRM and helped to draft a Biosecurity Plan for King Island. The draft was circulated for comment in October 2017 however the finalised plan has been delayed and is still not available.

Ana has been very successful in obtaining funds for innovative projects

* Regional Soils of King Island tour – With Richard Doyle (UTAS) on the 9th and 10th October. Three soil pits were dug in 3 different soil types and several open cuts and two drainage sites were inspected. There were 21 participants and a lot of new faces which was great.

* Tasmanian Women in Agriculture: 14 & 15 October – This event was a huge success and was fully booked with 36 people attending on the 14th and 33 on the 15th. The tour was inspirational for both visitors and locals. Ana coopted Paige Williams and Nicky Loane to help plan and run the tour.

* KINRM received a $10,000 grant from Landcare Australia for a pilot project “Embracing new technology to improve drainage and soil quality on King Island. A presentation outlining the innovative use of drones to map drainage contours was made at the Beef Day in October 2017. The project was planned for February 2018 but due to unforeseen circumstances was not completed until August 2018.

* Horse info event: 8th & 9th November – delivered by Stuart Myers and Andrew Mclean. Local vet, Cameron Hendricks also gave a small talk about common horse health problems observed on King Island. KINRM had very good feedback about the event. Everyone was very thankful to be able to access this information, and after analysing the evaluation forms, pretty much everyone in the room decided to change practice as a result of attending the event.

* Trip to Flinders Island with a group of farmers in March 2018: 11 members of the benchmarking group travelled plus seven more producers.

* Deer: KINRM have facilitated the establishment of monitoring sites by DPIPWE on landowners properties which deer are known to frequent. This monitoring involves the use of feed stations and sensor cameras and will operate in the 2019 financial year. KINRM worked with DPIPWE to obtain unrestricted deer licences for King Island land managers and owners enabling deer control without any tagging requirement.

Ana’s great work in her RLF position was recognised by becoming a state finalist for the 2018 Agriculture’s Rural Women Award in June.

Project Officer

Ondrea Richards, our project officer has continued weed management and revegetation projects at the Currie Wharf and at Boggy Creek Tufa Terraces.

Boneseed and Polygala infestations in Currie have also been targeted.

These projects have been supported by King Island Council, the Tasmanian Community Fund, Cradle Coast NRM and volunteers from the community, KIDHS and Ballarat & Clarendon College. The level of participation and cooperation with both schools has been outstanding this year.

A new venture for KINRM was a local waste reduction campaign inspired by the “Plastic Free July” concept. Awareness was increased though facebook and Ondrea liased with KIDHS. Highlights included a plastic free lunch week, BYO cup incentive at The Rock Café and tips from Judy Payne on reducing waste.

Ondrea continued liason with King Island Council re their Cat Management Plan.

Ondrea attended the Landcare Gathering in Launceston in December, a valuable opportunity to touch base with many Land carers and gain inspiration from other projects being done. It also highlighted the amount we achieve on King Island with such a small population compared to most similar community groups in mainland Tasmania.

Ondrea also obtained sponsorship from CCNRM to attend the National Coast to Coast Conference in Hobart in April 2018.

Wings on King (WOK) & Birds

An A4 poster of KI birds was developed, funded by Cradle Coast NRM and launched at the King Island Show. A dispenser box was made and has enabled coin donations of over $100 to date.

The You Tube video of the WOK launch was completed and made available on both BOKI and Birdlife Australia websites. We have had very positive feedback on this video, especially re Kate Ravich’s and Rod Graham’s presentations. A council small grant of $2500 was used to complete this video.

Shelley Graham coordinated a spring bird count at Lavinia Reserve in September. A WOK Spring Count was held in November with 27 volunteers participating. 23 bird watchers surveyed 49 sites. There were significantly more locals surveying compared to April 2017.

A very successful Autumn Count was held in April 2018. 28 people in 5 teams surveyed about 48 sites . 13 surveyors were visitors and the remainder were islanders that included a few new faces.

The highlight of the weekend was the ‘Help: I’m Endangered’ exhibition put together by Alison Milsom and contributed to by year 6 down to Kindergarten held at the gallery ‘Artopia.’ Dr Jenny Lau from Birdlife Aus presented the artists with a pin of the Swift Parrot .

This was followed with the documentary ‘The Desperate Plight of the Orange Bellied Parrot’ and an Open Forum on King Island Threatened Birds.

After one year of action – WOK appears to be working. The two primary aims of WoK are:

  1. To gather data about KI birds to use as a sustainability measure over time. It will take some time yet before we have enough data to show any meaningful patterns, but the process is now well and truly underway.
  2. Stimulating bird tourism: Reports from tourism, suggest that there are an increasing number of people visiting the island to observe birds. Mark Goode, who provides a 10% discount to people participating in WoK, confirmed that Island Breeze is now getting a number of birding groups staying at Island Breeze who aren’t or don’t claim to be involved with WoK but have come purely to see our birds

Threatened Birds

Following on from the April forum a threatened birds committee was formed . A grant for $10,000 has been obtained from ABEF under the Preventing Extinctions Program to hold an experts workshop in Februaury 2019. Targeted searches for King Island Scrubtit will also be conducted at this time. A young participant in the forum, Pearl Richards, wrote a letter asking for the Prime Minister’s help to save our threatened birds. When no reply was received Pearl then wrote a second letter to Bindi Irwin.

Margaret Bennett attended a special meeting re Threatened Birds in Melbourne with Prof Stephen Garnett and experts from all over Australia.

Weed Crew

Eve Woolmore has continued to coordinate weed crew activities. The weed crew has developed into a highly competent and efficient team under Eve’s leadership and training.

The activities carried out by the weed crew are summarised below:

* King Island Council North Pit vegetation screen (coordinated by Ondrea) – summer watering and follow up plantings in Autumn 2018.

* King Island Council Snodgrass Park tree lane

* Lavinia Reserve– Psoralea control plus some ragwort and thistle control. ..

* Porky Creek Reserve– general weed control.

* Currie Wharf – maintenance of this revegetation project.

* Private Landowners - control of gorse,( including a large infestation on the Sea Elephant River, pampas at the Grassy Mine site, sea spurge , asparagus fern, boxthorn, serrated tussock, slender thistle, periwinkle, turnip weed.

KINRMG were successful in securing a grant of $40,000 from Landcare Australia to follow up the control of Inkweed to take place in the 2019 financial year.

Geology Books

Clive Calver’s books “A guide to the geology of King Island, Parts 1 and 2” have now been printed and are available for sale. The Retail Price is $20 per booklet (or $40 the set). KINRM Members Price is $17 per booklet ( or $32 the set)

King Island Council

KINRM has had very productive discussions with the General Manager, (Troy Brice and Peter Ball) and Mayor ( Duncan McFie) on a range of issues including waste management, cats, dogs and vegetation clearing. KINRM were pleased to have the opportunity to have input into the King Island Council Environmental Management Plan and to have early discussions with Heidi Goess re the draft King Island Land Use Plan.

Cradle Coast NRM

Cradle Coast NRM (Anna Wind, Iona Flett and Jay Rowley) visited King Island in August and ran a presentation on their Marine debris clean up in Macquarie Harbour. They also inspected the Tuffa Terraces, Pegarah State Forest and Porky Beach reserve.

KINRM has worked closely with Cradle Coast NRM preparing the tender for Australian Government Funding for 2018-2023. Projects on King Island involving the Ramsar Wetland and the Critically endangered Hooded Plover are a key part of this tender. The tender submitted in February 2018 was unsuccessful and projects are still being negotiated with the federal government. The outcome of the retender will not be known until late in 2018 or early in 2019.

DPIPWE & Other Visitors

Very productive discussions were held with Tim Baker, (DPIPWE Deputy Secretary) re additional Biosecurity staff needed for King Island, deer management and vegetation clearing permits.

KINRM met with TASSAL representatives to discuss their feasibility studies for salmon farming in King Island waters. KINRM met with two forestry companies re their tenders for harvesting pine plantations at Pegarah State Forest.


This has been carried out by Michelle Mauric with a very cooperative ’ can do’ attitude to what can be a very complex task for an organisation of our size. Thank you Michelle. A special thanks also to Fay Pilon for helping us out at the KIRDO front desk in any way she can.

Thank you

I would like to thank all staff and committee members for their positive attitude, enthusiasm and continued support. It is impossible to single out any of you because everyone’s contribution is above and beyond what could reasonably be expected.

Helen Strickland